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Toka Koka – Handpicked, Curated, Fashion Jewellery

Who we are

An ardent lover of jewellery, Archana started Toka Koka as a way to explore India and find artisans from different states who made beautiful jewellery and showcase their work. Since the pandemic began, She kept thinking of ways she could keep the artisans engaged and have a steady stream of revenue while also doing something she truly enjoyed – shopping for jewellery! 

Toka Koka was born with the intent of making beautiful, inexpensive jewellery available and affordable to those who shared her love for silver and silver-like imitation jewellery. 

Toka Koka while showcasing and selling imitation jewellery at present aims to foray into custom jewellery designs in both imitation silver and sterling silver in the near future. 

As a graphic designer and tech enthusiast herself, Archana is keen on exploring the custom jewellery space and wants to make a mark on the industry by making custom jewellery affordable by deploying technology to her advantage. More on this soon.

You can see Archana’s photography and design folio here on her website

What’s with the name you ask?

[ Toka koka ] – equal exchange. “If one wishes to gain something, one must present something of equal value”. [~ FullMetal Alchemist~]

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