Care Instructions


The first rule for any imitation ornament is that you should keep it as far as possible from direct
moisture contact.

While storing your jewellery wipe it first with a piece of soft cloth or tissue paper and then keep it in an moisture-free container/pouch.

Always avoid water. If you think it might rain or you are about to do work which will involve usage of
water, then remove your jewellery immediately. Once your work is over, wear it again.

If by chance your jewellery comes in contact with water, wipe it immediately with a soft, dry cloth.

Avoid the spraying of perfume on your ornaments. If you have to apply perfume, apply your perfume
first and then put on the trinkets. This will save your jewellery from getting damaged.

Always follow the “last to put and first to remove” strategy. Always wear your imitation jewellery after you have completed your dressing, including application of perfume. At the same time when you come back home, remove your imitation jewellery first wipe it dry and store it.

If you follow these little tips then you will be able to keep your imitation jewellery in good condition for a long time.

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